Chhattisgarh has lots of remote tribal land and was carved out of Madhya Pradesh with Bastar being the most important tribal centre. With statehood it is now the tenth largest state of India with Raipur as its capital. The name Chhattisgarh is said to have originated with the Chhattis or 36 clans of leather workers that settled here during the Mahabharatha days. This is a state often considered remote even by local Indians, but there is much natural beauty here with the Chitrakoot Falls in the Indravati River. The Bastar Dusshera Festival a one of a kind forest festival, where wild produce and flowers are seen in abundance. See tribal India in Chhattisgarh and tropical flora and fauna in Kanger Valley National Park here.

Remote Tribal Forests

Explore the most inaccessible parts of India inhabited by tribes, who live in forests untouched by modern times.

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