Delhi has grown into a state of India with the national capital New Delhi at its centre. The name Delhi is prounounced 'Dilli' in Hindi, it literally could mean 'Dil li' or 'heart taken' and it kind of mirrors what most people feel with a few months in Delhi. There's much to see and do here from Mughal ruins to ancient temples, mosques, traditions, festivals, flowers and more. Lutyens Delhi as New Delhi is often reffered to is modern with some of the most aesthetic buildings of the British rule anywhere. Parks dedicated to Gandhi and great Mughals still provide the green lungs to the state.

The capital city of India remains ancient in its Mughal monuments, colonial in its buildings, political in its hues, filed in triplicate in its bureaucracy and yet modern in its outlook. Begin your Indian sojourn here where new and old India continues to blend well, throwing up surprising experiences, events and festivals.

City of Gardens & Stately Buildings

New is a bit of a misnomer as you will discover as you explore this ancient Mughal city and its rich arboreal heritage on foot. Take a guided walk through the city before browsing the warren like evening market...

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City of Walks

Walk through heritage sites, ruins, Mughal monuments, Lutyens' New Delhi, rambling green parks with trees from all over the world and negotiate your way through bustling Old Delhi lanes side-stepping goats and vendors. Delhi is made for walks and the city has a slew of lovers who act as guides and story-tellers re-telling the great city's history, legends and the heroic tales.

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Going the Sufi way to devotion

Enjoy a true medieval Delhi experience from the old lanes to the Dargah where the dervishes whirl in a trance to the frenzied qawwali of the singers. A guided walk to this event is ideal to learn about Sufisim, the history of the mosque and sample the famed Mughlai cuisine of the area.

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Walking through Old Delhi

Old Delhi is where you go for those 'Incredible India' photographs that make it to magazine covers. Peel off layers of modernisation from the crisis-crossing network of electric lines, the mushroomy satellite dishes from every window and the cell phone toting merchants to discover bustling ancient streets straight out of an Arabian Nights story!

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