Goa may be the tiniest state in India, but it is big on liberal views and parties. The state was under Portuguese rule till 1960 and has an eclectic history, colourful culture and 'susegado' (laid-back) nature. You will find it difficult to decide on which beach to head to or which village to explore or is a motor bike ride better or a water scooter to take in the tropical views here. Kick back and enjoy lazing around or dive into haggling frenzy at flea markets and then sip feni at a beach shack or relax at a luxury resort, you have much to do. It would be wise to indulge in siestas here, for true blue Goans will refuse to serve even fuel when the siesta hour cometh!

Beaches everywhere!

Laze around on the famous Goan beaches with its French, Dutch and Portuguese influence to understand why its such a big deal! Venture into all kinds of adrenaline water activities of parasailing or scuba diving or laid back ones like snorkeling or deep sea fishing here. 

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Hippy Holiday Hangoa

This is where you go to find the hippie in you. Put an end to your journey of India here, laze around, read, meditate, try all kinds of alternative lifestyles, meet fun people from all over the world who seem to want to stay here forever and wonder if the true swamis of India are here, dressed in psychedelic sarongs with a fado on their lips and a bottle of feni in their hands

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