The city of Delhi is "belted" to the west by the state of Haryana which is part urban sprawl (Gurgaon) and otherwise agrarian. Few tourists find much to interest them in the state, preferring to move quickly on to Punjab or Rajasthan or most likely towards Agra. 

For the slow moving travellers, there are a few places where you should stop for an experience...

Experiences in Haryana

City of Historic Battles & Weavers

Visit Panipat for its history and pivotal role in the shaping of India. Home to three battles of immense consequence, it seems strange that this small town that once attracted a host of conquerors now nests weavers with magic in their fingers.

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Holy Bathing with Lord Vishnu in Kurukshetra

Purge your sins with a dip in the sacred water tanks at Kurukshetra. Bathing in each or either is a quick way to the purging of sins and achieving fulfilment.

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Le Corbusier's Chandigarh

Visit the modernist city planning of Le Corbusier in Chandigarh. Not exactly light relief, but the only successful implementation of Milton Keynes anywhere in Asia. A quick stop before we move on...

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