Karnataka in the South is most known for sandalwood, silk, glorious Vijayanagara, immaculate ruins of Hampi and Hassan, the Mysore palaces, the mythical Malgudi of RK Narayan and the lively nightlife of Bangalore. However, there are beaches of Ullal, pilgrimages to Gokarna and the coffee plantations of cool Coorg, as well. A few days in Karnataka will uncover Tipu legends, splendour of Chamundi Hills and Managalore fun.

Bandipur Wildlife

This is a sanctuary born out of introspection of the hunting excesses of the rich and powerful of the time. Explore this turnaround jungle filled with deer, leopard, the occasional almost mythical tiger and splendid flora

Hamlets in a time warp

Discover sleepy villages and rural living that time seemed to have by-passed in this part of Karnataka. Hassan is the poster child of idyllic countryside with cattle herds and farms, quaint enough to warrant a stop for a closer look on your way to see Gommateshwara.

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Kingdom in a granite landscape

Discover granite boulders in the backdrop in a large open space with the spires of temples in the foreground bringing forth images of the splendour of the once thriving kingdom of Vijayanagara where merchants from far-off lands traded everything from precious gem stones to food products.  

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Sandalwood, Silk and Palaces

Mysore conjures up images of palaces and temples, but there's lots more. Climb up the Chamundi Hills or amble about in the Brindavan Gardens, Mysore is one of Southern India's greatest cities.

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Smug walks through Bangalore

Capital city of Karnataka, Bangalore is called the 'Garden City' and more recently the yawn-worthy, 'Silicon Valley of India'. Enjoy the cool climate and walk through the history of the city and end it all at the many famous cafes and pubs here

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Wake up & smell the coffee

Awake to the smell of a fresh brewed coffee in Coorg and move on to a guided walk of the plantations here. Shop for pepper, honey and coffee or get into a homestay here for some Coorgi fare.

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