Nagaland is in the north east is most known for curious tribes of people who follow age old traditions to this day. The capital city of Kohima sees the Hornbill Festival every December when the tribes gather for a culture fest. Capture pretty pictures of the people and places here any time you make a visit and try handling the Bhut Jolokia or 'Ghost Chilly' of the region. This is a place of beautiful hills, valleys and even people and you will not be disappointed if you do find your way here in this remote corner of India, where the usual touristy paraphernalia has somehow seemed to have lost its steam on its journey here. 

Lost & Found - Kohima & Nagaland

Eschew most comforts expected by tourists and discover Nagaland and its beauty, the people and their customs and the far frontiers of the North East of India. Headhunting warriros, tiger reserves, ravines, flower strewn hills and spectacular trekking bring the real visitors to this corner of the world.

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Of twisted dares and ghostly chillies

Dares are never this painful and the hottest chilli in the world with an equally menacing name is just that. Find the best of Naga bhut Jolokia in your Nagaland travel, which is its home turf even though the famous chilly pepper is found in Assam and Manipurl as well. 

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