Tripura or Tripolis means the centre of three cities and is also named after the Goddess, Tripurasundari or the the most beautiful of the three worlds. Tripura was a Princely state and is bordered by Bangla Desh, Mizoram and Assam. Agartala the capital is a city that engulfed the Ujjayanta Palace that is now the governement headquarters. Day trips from Agartala take you to the rock cut art at Unakoti and Tantric beliefs of the Maha Vidya Yoga.

The most beautiful Lalita

Visit the Tripura Sundari temple named after the 16-year-old Goddess Lalita also known as Tripura Sundari or the the most beautiful of the three worlds, when you are in Tripura. Karma India feels uncanny is the resemblance to 'Lolita' and wonder if Nabokov knew of this 16 year old Lalita and her tantra strengths. However, make no mistake this Lalita is the all powerful embodiment of beauty, truth and divinity. 

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The Tribal Sculptures of Unakoti

The bas relief sculptures of Unakoti are unexpectedly grand like Christmas Island. Surrounded by forest and unaccompanied by tourists, this is a wonderful day out. 

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