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Beneath the Buddhist Tree of Enlightenment

There is only one reason to visit Bodh Gaya and that is to experience the unique energy of this most revered site in Buddhism. Sit and meditate beneath the holy bodhi tree and then soak up the special atmosphere Bodh Gaya, the most important place of pilgrimage for Buddhists around the world.

A trip to Bodh Gaya clearly is a pilgrimage or a journey in history and Sociology and perhaps an inquisitive search into the mystery of the birth of Buddhism and its almost total wipeout from the homeland later.

Understand the trials of Siddhartha from pampered prince to renunciation, and then the journey onwards to enlightened joyous Buddha. Gaze upon the Bodhi Tree on which the Buddha is said to have looked upon lovingly for a whole week in gratitude.

Discover the ruins of the oldest university of `Nalanda’, which means ‘charity without intermission’ and considered a revered seat of education in ancient times.

Ponder over the dichotomy of violence and remorse of the Emperor Asoka, the Buddha’s chief disciple. Asoka's extreme battles, his guilt and penance, his missionary daughter, Sangamitra, who went to far-off Sri Lanka and the numerous obelisks with the Buddha's teachings inscribed, all add much to the Buddhism story. 

Travel through history with the artefacts here and discover the wildfire journey of Buddhism from India to Sri Lanka and the rest of the world in the tourists who come with folded hands to this holy land.

Join Lamas, Rimpoches and Buddhists who converge here to meditate in the Mahabodhi Temple and chance upon the joy of renunciation.

Come away amazed at all the wonderful peace here and realise that this is all very near to the bustle of the rest of Bihar!


  • Meditate beneath the Bodhi Tree where Buddha received enlightenment

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