Camping under the stars in Little Tibet

Escape from the plains to this extraordinary camp near Leh surrounded by the mountains and with the River Indus flowing past. Beautiful tents and service combined with a very, very beautiful place!

There are camping trips and then there is this! Tsermang Eco Camp may seem to be trying too hard with its ‘eco’ tag, but if you bear with the name you will discover luxury that is not over-the-top yet impressive given the place you are in. Yes, Leh is as stunning as it is barren, stark as well as startling, but always beautiful with its snow-capped mountains and the shimmering Indus River.

The whole campsite is along the river and you can go for a swim and pick out smooth rocks from the river bed. Pick seabuckthorn from the bushes here, have midnight chats under a starry sky and savour organic food made with yak milk butter. The food is a mix of continental, local and Indian and flavoured to suit most travellers.

Stop at the Tsermang Eco Camp, ideally, after a trek in Ladakh to appreciate it the most. This is an experience of quiet comfort and it is this harmony of luxury and nature that takes this camping experience to the next level. 


  • Evening stars surrounded by mountains The welcome and generosity of the local people

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