Kayaking the Lagoons

Kayak your way into the lagoons of Kerala's largest lake to spot Egrets, Darters, Drongos and more plumage in the nearby Kumarakam Bird Sanctuary. Glide through a maze of canals and palm lined coasts into tiny villages as the sun sets and the birds head back to their nests.

Kerala's backwaters and lagoons conjure a Venice like feeling, but with a tropical weather and palm-fringed waterways. Hire Kayaks from the Coconut Lagoon Resort, famed for its pool villas that have hosted even the likes of Paul McCartney. Kayak your way past traditional rice barges revamped into gleaming houseboats and little fishing canoes out to catch the prized pearlspot fish. 


  • Watching birds from a kayak when the sun sets Birdwatching at the Kumarakam Bird Sanctuary

Hotels We Like

  • Olavipe Homestay

    The Olavipe Homestay is a must-do to end your Kerala journey in its most authentic form. Stay at a 100 year old house with a family that traces its history back to several decades with tales that could make a good best-seller. You get to enjoy village life in the backwater haven that is Alapuzha.

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