Moonlit night and marble glory

View the Taj Mahal, the gift of love in the moonlight like Shah Jahan did from his tower with the shimmering Yamuna making it all the more ethereal. It may be a symbol of great love but the Taj Mahal is also the final resting place of Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan and is a mausoleum, which is to be entered in silence and what better way to do this than on nights when the moon is fat?

The Taj is open to 400 people in eight batches of 50 people on 5 nights including two nights before and after the full moon night and the full moon night. Night viewing is closed on Fridays and during the Ramadan month nights for prayers. So yes, there is the exclusivity of the experience being a small window of 5 days from 8:30 PM to 00:30 AM all adding to the joy of the experience in Agra.

Often forgotten during itinerary planning are lunar eclipse nights that can be a total washout! The tickets are sold one day before and booking closes at sunset and is not available online, so let Karma India know well in advance for booking.

Express highway from Delhi to Agra makes the journey a mere 2 hours. However, for the cacophony of the Indian roads take the old route. Can seem a white knuckle experience for the first time visitor to India.


  • OMG! Even Agra becomes beautiful and that is a feat! Lose the crowds!

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