The Gateway to the North-East of India

Discover Imphal, the capital city of Manipur or 'land of gems', a true gem of a beautiful place. Legends say that Lord Shiva threw his trident to drain this saucer shaped valley filled with water thereby creating a gorge so that he could do his 'tandav' or dance. 

This is the best place to begin your journey of the North East of India. Manipur is blessed with serene beauty, enchanting legends, bewitching rasalila (the dance of Krishna and Radha) of Manipuri dance and intriguing sights. Imphal is also a traditional place with temples like the Govindaji temple, an important centre for Vishnavites or devotees of Vishnu. Visit Imphal round the year if the rains (June to October) are not a problem.


  • Watching a gentle Manipur dance recital

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