The Gift of the Forest

Walk your way through Kodai or bicycle around the lake, spot birds or watch the hills turn blue every 12 years if you happen to be in time for the kurinji flowering. The more adventurous hunt for the hallucinogenic Kodai mushroom or simply enjoy a peaceful stay in the many resorts here. Kodai is home to the endangered grizzled giant squirrel, which is of great interest to nature lovers.

For long Kodaikanal has been synonymous with honeymoon in India. The climate is cool and the scenes are romantic with the blue mountains in the distance. Romance is in the air here and this can be seen in the 12-year flowering of the little kurunji wild flowers that set the mountains ablaze in hue of blue and violet. As spectacular as the Kumbh Mela by the Hindus in the north is this little synchronised feat of the neelakurunji flowers

Visit the Solar Observatory, the Kodai Lake, Dolphin Nose, Pillar Rocks, Kurunji Andavar Temple and the many waterfalls here.  Go on the Coaker's Walk and enjoy Bryant Park and stop at the erstwhile 'Suicide Point' of Green Valley View for its panaromic views of the hills.


  • Best time to visit during the 12 year kurunji flowering

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