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Walk the Long Wall of Kumbhalgarh

These are the longest walls after the Great Wall of China and offer outstanding views across Rajasthan as well as being a good walk in its own right. You wont walk all 36km of the walls though!

Discover at leisure Kumbhalgarh and its amazing fort that seems to have utilised every cliff or drop along the Aravalli ridges to build the charmingly named palace ‘Badal Mahal’ or Palace in the Clouds. This is a place for panoramic views and no dusty desert plains or camel humps in sight, but surprising lush green forests. The fort is a striking example of defence architecture with walls that go 36kms long with a striking breath that can ride eight horsemen abreast!

Enjoy a different view of the Rajasthani countryside that somehow has hitherto been largely ignored by tourist pamphlets. Even the drive up to Kumbhalgarh is picturesque with fields of wheat and mustard and in stark contrast to the idea of Rajasthan.

Visit the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary and get off the jeep to take a closer look at something that caught the eye. The sanctuary is devoid of the aura of Rathambore or Corbett and put in its place with the lesser chances to actually see any animals, but it still remains a delight! Kumbhalgarh is Rajasthan in a different hue and clearly not the ‘touristy’ trip to make from near-by Udaipur.


  • See the fort at night as it is lit for a few minutes for tourists

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