48 Hours in Bubaneshwar

Possible Experiences

  • Dance, Temples and Beaches

    Experience cultural India in all its finery in this five day festival every year at Konark with all the major dancers performing their art. This is a culture fest that features the Odissi dance, one of the most graceful of all dance forms of India in an open air platform in the Konark temple backdrop. 

  • New and Medieval

    Discover a bustling city that carries along on its march to modern times medieval rock cut temples, classical art and culture with gleaming new towers. If the spiritual call out to you, visit Bindu Sagar in the old town where the temples are. 

  • Silver City

    Visit the oldest and most medieval city of Odisha on the shores of the Mahanadi that makes it almost an island. From muslim shrines to churches and intricate temples, Cuttack has much to offer in architecture.

  • The Black Pagoda

    Explore one of the best of Hindu architecture at the Konark Sun temple, which is a World Heritage site. This 13th century architecture that took 16 years to build is now in ruins but remain a site to behold on the sea shores here in Konark.

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