48 Hours in Leh

Possible Experiences

  • Camping under the stars in Little Tibet

    Escape from the plains to this extraordinary camp near Leh surrounded by the mountains and with the River Indus flowing past. Beautiful tents and service combined with a very, very beautiful place!

  • Rock Art Hunting in the Himalayas

    It was only a century ago that archeologists discovered the rich heritage in rock art scattered across Ladakh. Why not follow your nose and explore the plateau and riversides of the Indus to find your own prehistoric art. What a wonderful way to attend to the land and its history!

  • Stalking a Reclusive Cat

    Catch a glimpse of the endangered and beautiful snow leopard in the arid and remote mountians of Ladakh. Sighting this cat is a thrill as it is famous for its reclusive nature and is a master at camouflage!

Tours including this

  • Leh Ladakh holiday

    Ladakh mystifies and stands in stark contrast to the rest of India and is best experienced with this itinerary. Scenic routes, stark natural beauty and dizzying heights all captivate you enough to spend 6 days here and still want more...

  • Monsoon tour of India

    Monsoon season is ideal weather for the arid cold of Ladakh, perfect season for the wild blossoms of the Valley of Flowers and the rain-drenched beauty of off season Goa and Houseboats of Kerala with calming Ayurvedic massages. In fact, the monsoons wash across the country rendering experiences that defy all the clichés and preconceived ideas about India.

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