Rishikesh - Day & Night

Possible Experiences

  • Holiest of Rivers

    Discover the Gangotri glacier where the Ganga is born, named Bhagirathi at birth, she flows to grow up to be called Alakananda and finally into her wild ways as Ganga. The Ganga water upstream is known to not putrefy even in the bottled form. 

  • Moksha in the Mountains at Rishikesh

    Join us for a few days of Yoga at Ananda on the hilltops overlooking Rishikesh and when combined with a chilly dip in holy river Ganges, you might just attain Moksha. You will certainly relax at one of the world's most beautiful and stunning yoga resorts

  • On a Beatles Pilgrimage

    If rock 'n roll is your religion, the forgotten ashram of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in Rishikesh where the Fab Five spent 45 days at their most prolific best is a must-do. Envision the hippie days of music and marigold garlands, when percussion of the tabla fused with guitar to build new sounds and new journeys.

  • Rafting the River Wild

    Stay in a tent along the river, listen to the gushing waters, be amazed at the motor vehicle relics and the giant rocks that the Ganges brings along as she tumbles down the mountain. Top this off with some rafting on the mercurial river considered a femme fatale in Hindu mythology.

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