The Unseen: Bihar

Possible Experiences

  • Beneath the Buddhist Tree of Enlightenment

    There is only one reason to visit Bodh Gaya and that is to experience the unique energy of this most revered site in Buddhism. Sit and meditate beneath the holy bodhi tree and then soak up the special atmosphere Bodh Gaya, the most important place of pilgrimage for Buddhists around the world.

  • The Buddha's Last Sermon

    Discover one of the first republican cities in Vaishali, which had a rich heritage even before the Buddha made his last sermon here. The Buddha is said to have made several visits here after the enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. 

Tours including this

  • Buddha Days Indian Tour

    Karma India takes you across India on the Buddha's journey from Siddhartha Gautam to the enlightened one. Ideal for pilgrimage and sightseeing with Delhi, Agra and Taj Mahal covered. 

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