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Camping Maharajah

Explore the Ranthambore Fort, which is regarded as the last bastion of the Rajputs against the Mughal might. Walk along the ruins, listen to the legends and see how the jungle and the lake have invaded into the fort.


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Jim's Jungle Retreat

With the slogan of 'Seek the tiger, find the jungle', this is a jungle resort that believes in eco-friendly concepts and experiences of the jungle that sharpen your natural instincts to spot animals and birds.

Stalk the tiger, discover the jungle

Discover the rich diversity in animals like the tiger, elephant, sloth, reptiles and migratory birds and animals in this reserve that was set up in 1936. Most wildlife sanctuaries in India were the hunting grounds of the Maharajas and the British and when animal conservation came into the picture more than 1300 sq kilometres of land, lakes, river and forests became protected.

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