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    Journeys across India from 1 day to 1 month - discover the rich cornucopia that is the world's most fascinating country.

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Ancient Caves of Religious Tolerance

Understand how the ancient caves bear testimony to religious tolerance with a mix of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain art and sculptures. All the grandeur in the paintings and rock cut art could not hold out on how irrevocably Buddhism and Jainism waned in importance in India. 


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Buddha Days Indian Tour

Karma India takes you across India on the Buddha's journey from Siddhartha Gautam to the enlightened one. Ideal for pilgrimage and sightseeing with Delhi, Agra and Taj Mahal covered. 

Final nirvana at Kushinagar

Discover the Buddha's final resting place where the cycle of birth and rebirth ended and liberation or nirvana was attained. 

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Praying with the Dalai Lama

If you can, visit Dharamsala in February/March to attend a public lecture and prayers with the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama attracts all kinds of people, from Tibetan refugees in search of their identity to the spiritually inclined, the curious traveller to India to the adventure activity seeker headed to the Himalayas and those who look to be inspired to lead a more meaningful life. Whatever may be the reason to meet the Dalai Lama, almost all leave feeling elated like groupies.

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The Buddha's Last Sermon

Discover one of the first republican cities in Vaishali, which had a rich heritage even before the Buddha made his last sermon here. The Buddha is said to have made several visits here after the enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. 

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Experiences of India

  • Pi's Pondicherry

    If Pondicherry seems familiar to you, it may be from the scenes in Life of Pi that was filmed in the city. Explore this outpost of colonial France with its French bread and quiet streets and cuisine before venturing deeper into Tamil Nadu.

  • Ooty, Coonoor & the Tamil Hill Stations

    Famous colonial hangout from the fierce summer heats and famous for its railway line. Visit Ooty while staying in the charming, quiet Coonoor nearby. Walks around Ooty are picturesque and treks in Coonoor are peaceful with fewer people around.

  • Gandhi's Gujarat

    Home to Gandhi for many years and site of the famous Salt March protest that changed both India and the world. Visit the fascinating old city, Gandhi's ashram and the calico museum.

  • Tiger Tiger - tracking tigers in Periyar

    The wardens estimate that 40 wild tigers inhabit the jungle sanctuary in the Western Ghats. Visitors very very rarely see them in this remotest of their ranges.

  • The best taxi in the world

    Hitch a ride in the Hindustan Ambassador, India's most known car with new-found fame thanks to the Top Gear guys crowning it the 'best taxi in the world'. The Amby, as it is called lovingly, has been synonymous with India and the elephant in its sheer size and clunky gait and is a must-do on your trip to the country. Karma India will go out on a limb and call it cute, even!

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