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Swinging in a hammock on the islands

Enjoy the blue Andaman sea, white sand and the wild paradise that the place is, on a five day trip.  Swim, snorkel, kayak or simply lounge in hammock by the sea here. Explore the Nicobar islands, the wildlife and the rich coral and marine life here.

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Wetting Your Whistle on Mount Abu

Visit the only hill station in the desert state of Rajasthan. The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1960 and covers 290 kmĀ² of the mountain. Mount Abu is (said to be) home to 33 crore Gods and Goddesses (3.3 million). Despite such a population of deities, the atmosphere is peaceful and unspoilt.

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Wildlife and Spices

Spot wild elephants roam free in the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and Thekkady with misty hills and wild wooded areas. Come dawn or dusk silhouettes can play tricks on the mind in the form of wildlife like the tiger, gaur and even a lonely rogue tusker out to prove its might. This is how the world may have been if humans were not around!

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